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The Court of Arbitration at the EJC

The Court of Arbitration at the European Judicial Chamber is established as an independent, permanent arbitral institution that provides high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Our goal is to provide a flexible, quick and cost-effective procedure for disputes resolving as well as to create conditions for the preservation of good manners between parties and further extending their business relations.

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Арбитаж съд компетентност


The competence of the court is in domestic and foreign disputes of commercial nature as well as disputes about gaps to be filled in contracts or their adaptation to newly arisen circumstances – common assumptions in the dynamic world of business.

Арбитажен съд ефективност


The arbitral procedure is of one instance and the arbitrators are devoted to resolving the disputes in shortest time. This establishes arbitration as incomparably faster and cheaper alternative to the state litigation.

Арбитражен съд - компетентност


The arbitral hearings are held in private and the arbitrators are obliged to keep the trade secrets and confidential information that they have become aware of during the hearing and solving of each case.

Арбитраж професионализъм


We have access to some of the authorities on the legal theory as well as law practitioners with wide range of expertise in different jurisdictions. The arbitrators we have engaged are able to meet the rapidly evolving dispute resolution needs of the multinational businesses. The working languages of the court are Bulgarian, English, German and Russian, the latter three in the event that there is a signed agreement under Art. 20 (2) of the Rules of Establishing, Reviewing and Resolving the Cases by the Court of Arbitration at the European Judicial Chamber.