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The European Judicial Chamber is among the founders of the Association of Commercial Arbitrations in Bulgaria

The European Judicial Chamber together with its colleagues from the National Legal Foundation and The European Institution for Arbitration and Mediation founded the Association of Commercial Arbitrations in Bulgaria (ATAB).
The main goal of the newly established association is to protect the interests of arbitration courts in the Republic of Bulgaria. ATAB will support its current and future members by offering interpretation of new positions in arbitration proceedings that arise as a result of changes in the Bulgarian legislation and will engage itself with rulemaking initiatives in this area.

The Association intends to establish and maintain a Code of Professional Ethics for its members and other existing arbitration institutions willing to accept it. The aim is to improve the qualifications and the recognition of the arbitrators. This will build confidence in arbitration courts in the country and will promote arbitration proceedings as the out-of court means for resolving private proprietary disputes.

Arbitral institutions that share these views are welcome to participate in ATAB as members. Working in wider cooperation can only enrich the experience and help reach the objectives that we have set before us.

The association is registered in the register of non-profit organizations on 29.06.2016, and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, 25 N. Copernik Str.