Structure of the Court of Arbitration at the European Judicial Chamber


Arbitration Council

The Arbitration Council of the Court of Arbitration (CA) consists of: a Chairman of the CA, one Vice-Chairman and two Members. The Council is elected by the Management Board of EJC for a five-year term.


The Chairman of the CA represents the court in this country and abroad. He exercises his powers by issuing orders.
The Chairman summons the sessions of the Arbitration Council of the CA and of the Arbitration College, reports on the activities of the Court before the Arbitration College and the Management Board of EJC, executes the decisions of the Arbitration Council and the functions provided in the Rules of the CA.


The arbitrators are enrolled and stroked struck off the list of arbitrators by a decision of the Arbitration Council of the CA. The enrollment is for a five-year term. The Arbitration Council may enlist new arbitrators in the course of this five-year term.
A list for disputes between parties domiciled or seated in Bulgaria (internal disputes) is kept separately from the list for disputes between parties at least one of them being domiciled or seated abroad (international disputes).
As arbitrators can be enrolled majors with no criminal record, law graduates and well experienced in internal and international commerce and economy as a whole as well as the legal frame that regulates them.
The arbitrators on any dispute sign an affidavit of impartiality and independence which is sent to the parties to the dispute. The arbitrators constitute the Arbitration College.


The Administrative Department of the CA consists of secretaries and other officials appointed by the court’s Chairman.
The Secretaries of the CA have to be fluent in at least one of the European languages.
The Secretaries of the CA organise the files of the cases, run the correspondence of the CA and perform those proceedings which are entrusted to them according to the Rules.