The Court of Arbitration at the European Judicial Chamber settles proprietary civil and commercial disputes as well as disputes about gaps to be filled in contracts or their adaptation to newly arisen circumstances, regardless of whether the seat or the domicile of one or both parties is in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Disputes about property rights or possession of immovable as well about alimony and labour relationships may not be subject to the arbitration court.

The CA settles the above-mentioned disputes provided they have been submitted to it by an arbitration agreement. The arbitration agreement must be in writing. The agreement is deemed to be in writing provided it is contained in letters, offers or other written means of communication or electronically under the provisions of the Digital Signature Act.

The Arbitration Court decides on it jurisdiction. The plea for a lack of jurisdiction of the CA has to be made not later than the reply to the statement of claim unless there is a reasonable excuse for the delay. The CA rules on the plea for a lack of jurisdiction either by a ruling or by the decision of the case.