The European Judicial Chamber became an associate member of the Association for International Arbitration (AIA)

Since its creation in 2001 in Brussels, AIA strives to bring together the global community in the field of alternative dispute resolution and to promote it. The AIA does not itself decide disputes. The function of AIA is to provide information concerning arbitration and mediation matters, to support members of the AIA. AIA wants to improve the quality of alternative dispute resolution in several ways. This can for example be done by assisting in creating new regulations for alternative dispute resolution.

The European Judicial Chamber found its place among the members and friends of AIA. The Chamber shares common goals not only with the AIA itself but also with its other members who in their entirety form a global network of organizations dedicated to the search for alternatives to the state jurisdiction. The dialogue and cooperation with them is a way to raise awareness among the general public about the existence of such alternatives and make them preferred not only locally, but also for solving international disputes.